Sjúkást / Crazy Love

Sjúkást is an annual prevention campaign organized by Stígamót. The campaign, which was first launched in 2018, focuses on raising awareness amongst youth (ages 13-20) on violence in intimate relationships. The campaign stresses the importance of consent, boundaries, and relationships. Various educational materials have been created about different forms of relationships and violence, including tools to identify and address abusive behavior. Other topics that have been addressed include sex, pornography, gender equality and how to seek help.

Sjúktspjall / Online Chat

In 2022 Stígamót opened an anonymous online chat called Sjúktspjall for 13-20 year olds. The chat is open three nights a week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8pm-10pm. The chat is intended for young people (aged 13-20) to ask questions and concerns about relationships, communication, violence and sex. Through the chat young people can explore questions about their own (possibly violent) behaviour, how they are treated and how their friends are being treated.